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  1. says:
    How to get take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth on boyfriends touchy friends?
    I have been playing football with my boyfriend and his pals. they freedom a rough game of tackle which sometimes includes the guys "accidentally"...
    emberfly says:
    You can buy a studded bra and then hone the studs. Then whenever they touch your boobs they start bleeding profusely. Doesn't that sound fun!? I wanna try that!
  2. Lily Lily says:
    What Should I Buy For Back To Sect?
    Hey! My celebrity is Lily, and I'm heading for high school in the fall, and I want to know what I should buy for back to school. Like how many shirts,...
    lana says:
    Im effective to high school to!! YAY! any ways. Buy what you think youl need, ill tell u wat im buying if that helps. my shopping list. - 3 short sleeved shirts -2 fancy sleeved shirts -3 pairs of jeans -1 pair of tight black jean pants -1 sweatshirt -1 pair of new parley -1...
  3. pineapples_taste_good pineapples_taste_good says:
    Does anyone literally buy the 5 million dollar bra from victoria's secret?
    Victoria's Hidden offers a diamond studded bra every christmas, and it costs like 5 million dollars! Have you heard of anyone actually buying it?
    ndlover0219 says:
    Ha! I have not till hell freezes over seen this one! I work at VS and the most crazy-ridiculous bra we have in our store is laced with real gold! It costs $98, whereas most of our other bras cost $34-$58!
  4. kewpie003 kewpie003 says:
    What is the most up-market gift you have bought this year and who is it for?
    Diamonds are the miss’s bestfriend.This age-old saying still holds true and always will! And with that in mind a few weeks back I have bought a diamond studded bra for my fiancee birthday. Now I'm heavily in debt.

The Telling & Arts Of The Dominatrix

graciously, the story of the dominant female throughout history and the legacy handed down, often subconsciously, to the modern ladies who practice this specific art. This book, to be honest, sounded a little too good to be true. The book starts off with a brilliant introduction by the author, clearly. Even so, it’s jolly hard to believe, although true, that this very limited first edition of The History & Arts Of The Dominatrix is the first of it’s kind. It’s rare but, in this receptacle, you can invest a certain amount of belief in what I thought was the writer's initial hyperbole. That’s an anecdote for another time, though, and this certainly isn’t the place to perceive that story. The pseudonymous author, the mysterious Anne O. Nomis, has taken up the challenge of researching, unearthing, compiling and then, in this book, highlighting the. The reckon I even bring it up is because it left me with a certain amount of respect and affection for both the woman and the trade in which she worked. She didn’t know it at the time and she’s not been much inclined to acknowledge that fact. My curiosity for this book was initially piqued by a stray retweet of the author on Twitter and, when I read up on it and saw the strapping £48 plus postage and packing price tag, I have to admit that I was less than happy about the cost. However, it’s my great pleasure to report that, truly surprisingly, it actually does do what it says on the tin. but I think that, in itself, says a lot of good things about her character. Having said that though, there are lots of books out there priced similarly these days but, in the main, they rarely do what is claimed in their blurb. The design is reportedly influenced by, to a certain extent, a rare tome called 'Index Librorum Prohibitorum', or 'Hint of Forbidden Books' (1877) which was put together by Victorian 'erotomaniac' Henry Spencer Ashbee. or in this case, it does what it says in the gold embossed letters of this definitely beautifully bound and designed book (designed by Anna Egan-Reid) and printed in its interior on a beautiful paper beasts.
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  1. I have exact mixed feelings regarding the editing of the recent interview I did with Siouxsie Q for Whorecast (Episode 39). My purpose in agreeing to be interviewed by Siouxsie was my attempt to furnish to the history of the sex workers rights movement and to share my part in that history. Since w ...
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  3. Tuppence T by Alexander Wang Linen Silk Long Sleeve Tee best price FREE SHIPPING at shopbop.com. A boxy T by Alexander Wang tee rendered in lightweight jersey. Prolonged sleeves. Semi-sheer. Fabric: Slubbed jersey. 90% linen/10% silk. Dry clean. Imported, China. MEASUREMENTS Length: 25in / 63.5cm, from shou ...
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