Why Superheroes Creep by Their Underwear On The Outside

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Questions & answers

  1. City City says:
    Any ideas for a superhero gear?
    This week is liveliness week, and Friday is superhero day because our school's theme this year is superhero. I really want to dress up. It needs to be...
    rachel says:
    Dialect mayhap spandex leggings, a tshirt with the superhero's logo on them (usually sold a target or something like that). Underwear on top of the leggings in you want lol. Maybe buy some fabric at a craft store for a bargain-priced cape? (if you want one)
  2. Maria Grace Maria Grace says:
    Homemade superhero costumes?
    Its fire week in my high school and tomorrow is superhero day. Were all supposed to dress up as superheros and me and my boyfriend are completely...
    Freddie says:
    Go to Walmart and buy some red pliable underwear to put over some red/blue leggings. Buy one of those sleep masks and cut out holes over the eyes area. Your total amount would be like 15 bucks. Wear a white tank top! You could be slumber lassie or any other super hero :)
  3. Marcus Marcus says:
    Should I Buy My Mate Boxers for His Birthday?
    My inconsequential brother Freddy is about to turn 10 this month and he is popular at school and playing a lot of sports this spring. Mom still buys him...
    Lesley Kabare says:
    Just buy them if you stand in want to, it's underwear i doubt it'll be that big of a deal. And awww
  4. mecca.bingo mecca.bingo says:
    Superhero pine for dress ideas?
    It's my playmate's 19th birthday fancy dress party this friday, and she's chosen the theme "superheroes" I'm struggling to think of any female...
    Alice says:
    Get a superhero shirt with their insignia on the face (eg. superman, batman, green lantern etc). Then buy brightly colored tights that correspond with the shirt/superhero, spandex shorts/underwear over top and a cape or mask maybe if you feel like it. For criterion, if you...

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  3. Girlish Billy was so glad that Auntie had agreed to buy him something other than frilly panties to wear! As much as he had come to secretly love wearing them, they made it very difficult at school. Having to shift in the bathroom for gym and always using the stall instead of the urinals had begun to ...
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Back at the end of November, we had the incomparable opportunity to enter several of our designs into a competition for bitbots, a vinyl toy hailing from the UK. The rules were straight forward, the reward unlikely....
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huh heeeee huh heeeee huh heeee Hi Mermaid Man, I'm your biggest fan!
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