Conscience-stricken about the wait between videos, I don't always have my camera with me. But here you go with some new items I'v. Got a new pickups vid for you guys today.

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  2. Xiaospartan Xiaospartan says:
    Where can you buy Supreme 5 panel hats?
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    Chris says:
    No stores. Just Supreme for reg. prices or eBay for naughty prices.
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    Where can I buy Supreme snapback hats?
    Supreme is the clothing marque, but i don't know where to find it. what is a store or a website i can find them at. thank you
    Blessings of Victory says:
    i bought 2 Supreme hats the day it was released on their web warehouse, but now it's mostly sold out, glad i woke up early in the morning before it got sold out.

Linda Greenhouse Accidentally Proves Conservatives Righteous - Bloomberg View

The court under Chief Imprisonment John Roberts has, however, stripped away this illusion by issuing "polarized" and "ideological" rulings, she argues. Those claims have long been discredited. It has dismantled toss one's hat in the ring-finance regulations, and its decisions on the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action have demonstrated "its obsession with race and drawing the final curtain on the lay rights revolution. In her column this week, Greenhouse writes that she has long insisted that law rather than politics drives the court's decisions. Greenhouse was enough of a meeting of the legal landscape that when conservatives in the 1980s complained about how media coverage had pulled the justices leftward, they called it "the Greenhouse impression. Greenhouse has long been an influential voice. This critique of the court is itself pretty ideological and not very self-aware. Her objection is to the court's having captivated up the case at all. Because other towns may change their practices in response to the ruling, "the Supreme Court's 'O. K. to pray' is being quickly and unsubtly turned into a right to ask. They nonetheless left an enduring mark, having made their way into Roe v. Wade , the court's landmark abortion case. She concedes that the affirmative-deportment case she discusses was decided 7-1, which is hardly polarized. Linda Greenhouse has been providing liberal spin on the Supreme Court for the New York Times for decades, basic as a reporter and now as an opinion columnist. If the court had ruled the other way on the Voting Rights Act -- upholding it in full, rather than dismaying liberals by awe-inspiring part of it down -- it's hard to believe Greenhouse would have found that decision evidence of a racial fixation. She recently attacked the court for its "perilous" conservatism -- and, in the process, inadvertently confirmed that conservatives have been right all along about the real dangers the court poses. "The wilderness didn't need to have the religious culture wars reignited, but thanks to the court, that's where we now are," she writes. She also faults the court for a recent ruling about prayers at the beginning of city-board meetings.

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  1. Your Vents, Thursday, May 29
    Does that plebeian Rockefeller is a racist because he voted against Clarence Thomas to be a Supreme Court justice? n Folks For the summer activities at the Kanawha Boulevard I think the town should sell t-shirts and hats with the name of the city on
  2. That Beforehand James Jebbia Gave a Rare Interview and Talked About Supreme's ...
    In this rare sit-down for Question period Magazine, the two talk about Supreme's beginnings, why the brand is so popular in Japan (and how it became so in demand), and the importance of developing a signature aesthetic. There is also a moment where O'Brien


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The Modi Files: Capitalism to Empire

Modi shaped the monetary growth of Indian cricket and helped bring it to a position of global dominance.The ultimate insider, now on the outside, provides a unique perspective to the state of the fun By Siddhanth Aney Securing the perimeter is, perhaps, a military phrase. It refers to the act of ...


April was a fun-filled month, making allowance for we finally got to enjoy the outdoors for the first time in 5 months, without wearing 20 layers of clothing. Here is Preston, trying to prove to me he can still fit in his infant car seat, so that I don't vend it on Craigslist. Watching some of his outgrown b ...

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Hang suspended your mouse poointer over the image boxes to pop-up the feature names. As reference to 3.bp.blogspot.com/-nFIPHBhVFu8/TYA8seqHtWI/AAAAAAAAA2s/vE... and 4.bp.blogspot.com/-wKoTGBLRUlM/TYA8kAA5_-I/AAAAAAAAA2k/gx...
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