Monster Pacific Octopus swims with diver

Female Amazon pacific octopus takes interest in male underwater videographer on Diplock reef, Barkley sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. This footage is availab.

Questions & answers

  1. Sydney Sydney says:
    Where can I buy swimming flippers?
    I want to know if any department store sells swimming flippers like scuba divers wear on there feet
    perkie173 says:
    If you've not tried fins on before you'd be speculator off going to a dive shop that specifically sells them rather than a department store. They will be able to advise you on the best type of fins to buy for your budget and you will be able to try a few pairs on. Do you just...
  2. Danny Danny says:
    Which fins to buy for swimming?
    So there are three fins which I'm all in all buying. 1. The Speedo Optimus Training Fins -...
    DAVID says:
    The most mighty criterion when selecting fins is fit. Whatever choice you eventually make, ensure that the fin pockets match your foot dimensions not only length-wise but also in terms of Nautical beam and arch height. Fins must fit snugly, neither too tight or they will cause...
  3. Shlane Shlane says:
    Indubitably about swimming caps?
    I Attachment swimming, I LOVE swimming, but I haven't swam in the longest time because of my hair. I have long and thick hair. No i just bought a...
    PG says:
    I paramour swimming too and also have long, thick hair. I always prefer to wear a swim cap, because then I can not only swim better (not as much drag), but I can feel a real difference when I don't (my hair gets wonderful dry from chlorine or salt water). I like the silicone caps...

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  1. Synagogue Cowley Swimming Pools listed as community asset
    Campaigners disquieting to save a public swimming pool in Oxford have been given the right to try to buy it. Temple Cowley Swimming Pools, which were earmarked for closure in 2010, have been listed as an "asset of community value". Oxford New Zealand urban area Council is ...


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  2. We arrived at the Pre-eminent Hyatt Taipei and were met by the bellmen who took our bags from us and pointed us towards the check-in desk. The lobby was spacious and beautiful and the reception area was opposite the access. The man who helped us said that since we were Hyatt Diamond members, we could do ...
  3. It was a pleasing morning as morning’s go. To be adrift out on a local waterway. Sunbeams glittering over the surface. Egrets and Blue Herons milling in the shallows. And a light-green, haze, signifying a budding airiness, adorning every bush and every tree. The symphonic serenade of a thousand and on ...
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