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The Tea Workshop is a series of wonderland-like stores. After having to deal with a challenging work environment, Leila feels a lack of possibility in proving her business prowess. After reading the descriptions of the shops, I for one would love for The Tea Shop to be a reality. They experience the highs and lows of sisterhood, career, trust and believing in your own magic. Further on, Moon adds plenty of sweetness and moments of humour that make this novel a joy to scan. But Moon’s distinctive voice, humour and concepts more than compensate for these shortcomings. A highlight in the novel is the way Moon describes the tea shops as a mosque, as a series of charms on a bracelet: linked together but each shop a work of art on its own. overall, The Tea Chest is a light, charming debut novel, to be enjoyed with a cup of tea. Although Kate is polished and creative, she lacks confidence. Elizabeth is carefree and possesses the innate ability to charm the people around her, but she is left torn by a horrifying marriage. Kate designs tea. Maverick DEBBIE TAN reviews The Tea Chest by Josephine Moon. The Tea Chest stands well on its own. after the finish of her beloved mentor Simone, she finds that she has been named co-owner of Simone’s tea shops in the latter’s will. The Tea Chest , at first glance, seems to be the more matured, spiritual successor to novels such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Chocolat. The Tea Chest is definitely a fun read. Kate, Elizabeth and Leila are the three brute characters in The Tea Shop and the deepness of their bond is reminiscent of The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants quartet. The shop is just as important as Kate’s friendships - it's the hold together that brings hope, that lies at the centre of the novel. A chance encounters draw the three together, and they work together on the newest department of The Tea Shop. However, some parts of the novel suffer from distracting time jumps and its ending is tied just a little too neatly.
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