How To Place & Remove Contact Lenses With Long Fingernails

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  1. M M says:
    how do i pick which thermal underwear to buy?
    there are so sundry on ebay. and i don't see any in the malls i go to (so i can't try the thermal underwear on in person) in this case, how do i pick...
    Andy says:
    I buy all of draw at they have a size guide. Even if you are off by a little bit on the size it doesn't really matter base layers are meant to fit tight and they have alot of stretch. I buy the 3/4 magnitude dry ski baselayers for most days and the...
  2. Lily Lily says:
    Where can I buy old latest thing thermal underwear for a male adult?
    I lack to get old style thermal underwear. Where can I get this? It's not Under Armor or anything like that, it has to have that ribbing or...
    Jackrabbit Slim says:
    i have found that military glut thermals are about the nest you can buy. especially the pants with the stirrups to keep them from riding up. so you might try an army surplus store. if you are looking for a "union suit" which is the one piece with the trap door in the...
  3. lisa s lisa s says:
    i went to buy thermal underwear from a determined store, to my shock men's thermal undies were cheaper!?
    and the ladies's were dearer! so i saved a few bucks and bought myself y-fronts. girls, would you have done the same?
    Lisa this is the 3rd or 4th doubt im answering for u-im starting to get really upset with you-sit down and take a load of your brain-please if u keep asking these kind of questions its going to really topple me-ok take a deap breath ok-r u relaxed-no -who got u upset- there...
  4. Marose Marose says:
    Where can I buy thermals in Matro Manila?
    Leaving for Sydney next week and active up the Snowy.
    NerDy says:
    I bought thermal shirts, extensive johns, socks, gloves, and a nice warm scarf and cap from Marks $ Spencer Alabang Town Center. They have everything, and you can choose the degree of warmth by the thermal size of the clothes and underwear they have.


Arranging this proved harder than expected, though, because businesses in Ulan Bator frequently don't have signs, the buildings aren't always numbered, and about half the listings in our 2011 guidebook seemed to have closed down. We were told a news of 7 oxen who drowned in the third lake one year and were found the next day in the second. Seriously, go read some. It started off with a surprise as our train from Beijing descended from the Gobi steppes middle of falling snow and into Ulan Bator: we were expecting normal seasonal temperatures closer to 15 or 20 degrees. We pooped three days on horseback: about 5 hours each on the first two days to reach the lakes. I think we actually dodged a bullet because we were close to booking a slip with a company called Ger to Ger, whose goal of supporting local nomadic families through authentic home stays sounded accurate, when I decided to check first for reviews... I actually encourage you to click through and read some of the replies at the bottom of that recto because they're truly impressive, but some of the highlights are the woman who said "it got to the point where I'd wake-up and lie in bed dreading... The van's suspension was clearly designed more for utmost clearance than for comfort and the highways in Mongolia are so full of potholes that, in places, vehicles opt to leave the road entirely and drive as contrasted with along parallel dirt tracks. We averaged about 50km/h, bouncing our way across vast, beautiful landscapes with endless small peaks, all-inclusive plains, and not a fence in sight. We set out early in our van, the soviet-era military's take on a 4-wheel-drive Volkswagen bus, with the goal of covering the 500km west to Orkhon garden, home to volcanically formed valleys and the Eight Lakes, connected in a chain through... We only budgeted about a week in Mongolia and wanted to do a five-day slip to the countryside, ideally riding horses and staying in a different spot each night. As the sprawling shanty towns of the suburbs buried in by, with their densely packed gers and endless brightly-coloured roofs in red, green, orange, and blue tin, we wished we hadn't so ruthlessly discarded our thermal underwear while packing.

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    It was the firstly time Soviet officials had crossed the Bering Strait since Hoover's order. "This back door will be a strong way in and He eventually found DuPont, which wanted to push a new brand of thermal underwear. In February 1989, as the
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    It also offers a natural next-day alteration service for those short in leg and pocket, and is the only place to stock up on non-grannyish thermal underwear. Late May and early December are the sample sale seasons, with designers selling their lifestyle-season
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    The Usos vanquish Damien Sandow(in long underwear as a dancing fool) and Fandango in a short match with the splash from the top rope. ^Typical match with the Usos looking terrible as always. The crowd really seems to buy into them as a tag team and 
  5. Existence with Mike: Soft rock for hard laundry
    A lot, if there's a 2-for-1 purchase on thermal underwear. • Boyz II Men, "Water Runs Dry." Great song, unless you subtract this group's flawless harmonies and take over from them with an underpaid employee by himself in the men's department on a slow night.



  1. Entitled to ‘ Ask 5 Friends’. With the diversity of people in the Science Fiction arena, a writer has only to reach out to a fellow author to talk us through a tough spot. At DarkCon 2014, I sat in on a ‘Doctor. Who vs. Even-temperedness’ panel. Gini Koch stood up for Serenity and the other panelist asked “wh ...
  2. And so I'm back at it again. This period, with the dresser. This is a loaded one, as my dresser has 6 drawers. And there was literally so much stuff crammed in these drawers it was DISGUSTING! So - let's check out this list! Top Left Drawer: 24 camis/tanktops (wtf) 1 undershorts a group together of other crap ...
  3. Have had from head to toe a few people ask about how to go about doing a trek in the Himalayas, so here’s what we did – for those interested. Choose a company Almost everyone sensible uses a company to arrange guides, porters and accommodation. On a close recommendation we used Himalayan Encounters, and the ...
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Given that Mari does not appreciative of that I really am the Burning Bat, she did a very good job of imagining my appearance in uniform (see this). Just for the sake of comparison I took a spot of how I REALLY look when I...
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