Form Trend - Timberland Boots - Women's Premium 6' Workboot

I purchased these from the Urban Outfitters website for $150. I allow the Timberland website sells them for $180. I got a size 6 and I normally wear a size 7.

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  1. Alexa Alexa says:
    Where to buy timberland/tims boots for women?
    Okay I'm current to the mall this weekend and I reeeeaaaally wanna buy tims they're so beautiful but I don't know which store sells them for girls...
    David says:
    There are clump of bigger stores that carry them (at least as of last winter season, why my wife and I were looking for them). First, try DSW and Macys. I know they have both carried them in the past. But, a great bet is to survey sporting good stores - especially those that...
  2. Morgan Morgan says:
    Where to buy jet-black timberlands for women? :)?
    Hi I be to buy black timberlands, the ''originals'' i guess, 6 inch. Where can i buy them in orange county? I'm a size 7-7.5, girl Thanks in...
    Avi says:
    I've got a tandem myself, absolutely beautiful pair of shoes. I don't believe they're available on the website anymore and I'm unfamiliar with Orange County. Have you considered buying them elsewhere online? I get you'd prefer to try them on your feet and whatnot, but they're...
  3. says:
    Where can i buy snow luxury mens boots?
    Ive seen looooads of men wearing these marvy boots!! Here is the link to what they kind of look like......
    buy snow dash mens boots

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