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Questions & answers

  1. blo0dthirsty blo0dthirsty says:
    How to be aware when to buy new underwear?
    Ok, some of my underwear are too set on the hips and that it's my thighs that hold it up. And I hate it that my mom makes me shop for...
    ms gemini says:
    you buy them when you have to postponed to take a shower until they dry,or you mess ever pair(u know what i"m talking about).and ,when ur really tired of the same `ole.ME, i buy them anytime i'm in a store that sales other words, you should have underwear coming out...
  2. Chris T Chris T says:
    Buying underwear?
    I have not in any degree bought my own underwear but iam embarrsed to cause if i do i will get what i want (briefs) and iam afraid that the cash regesiter...
    prncessang228 says:
    this in effect isn't a big deal hon. i was really scared when i had to buy my own "time of the month" stuff and i was 14!! i had the same fears as you but don't worry-the cashier is used to seeing all kinds of purchases throughout the day and won't even be phased by what you're...
  3. Directioner Directioner says:
    Where can I buy in the nude underwear?
    When I tear leggings, you can kind of see the color of my underwear threw it. Say my underwear was blue, you could kind of see it, if you look. I'm...
    ranunculusviridis says:
    Have you all the time wished that your underwear matched your skin tone, fit you like a glove and could be worn under any type of clothing? At we designed lingerie that does just that. Our seamless bras and panties of advantage to as an almost invisible "foundation" beneath a...
  4. Jake S Jake S says:
    tips on how to bested a fear of buying underwear?
    im lily-livered of seeing someone i know, or someone seeing me that knows me. or the cashier being awkward with me buying 2-3 packs of underwear. might...
    Gummy Roach says:
    Unless you are buying tighty whites, underoos with Scooby Doo charactors, or plaid boxers that look like they were made out of leftover bodily from the lining a picnic basket, I don't see what there is to be afraid of. It shouldn't be any big deal. I feel your pain though....

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  1. ROCKETNEWS24 Sensitive sweaty? Grab yourself a cooling underwear vest, designed using space ...
    Have you till the cows come home wanted to dress like an astronaut? Well, you'd better get your moon walk on, cause now you can–in terms of your undergarments, at least. The Japan Aerospace Analysis Agency (JAXA) has announced a new line of cooling underwear vests 
  2. Helsinki Times Old-time dresser: I only buy my underwear new in a shop
    I would occasion my style vintage. I mostly wear clothes from the 1950s but this is not a rule set in stone, and I also have clothes from other decades. These days, I only wear "normal" clothes for my exertion as a dental hygienist. My interest in vintage
  3. The unpublished history of underwear
    ''They were wearing cork pads on their calves and thighs and the pectoral muscles and biceps to amount to them look more masculine. Now it has come back - you can buy men's underwear with padded bottoms and a bit of padding at the front to make them look 
  4. Victoria man goes the stretch for residential school reconciliation
    He caught a stimulus through Revelstoke during an avalanche warning, was greeted at the Saskat-chewan-Manitoba border with a sage ceremony, had Grand Chief of the Conclave of Manitoba Chiefs Derek Napinak buy him new sneakers and underwear for the 
  5. Base A Machine To Sew Your Name In Your Undies
    If you've till the cows come home woken up and wondered whose underwear was whose, or indeed what your own name was, then you need your name sewn into your delicates. You could do that by hand, or buy a high-end sewing motor car to help you. Or just build one 



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Took a journey out to Vancouver earlier this month, and though I didn't have much time to take photos, I did manage to snap a few quick ones. -- Okay, and quite randomly, I saw this guy walking down the street in...
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This underwear is laying the hallway near the door of my apartment. How did it get here. Who isn't missing it?
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