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  1. Cindy Cindy says:
    where can i buy underwire that i can sew into a bikini top?
    ClicketyClack says:
    The bikini top has to be made to house an underwire. You can't just put on in a regular bikini top. You could use those push up gel inserts they sell at Walmart and other stores, though. Or, just buy an underwire bikini top that would coordinate with bottoms you have...
  2. Lisardo Lisardo says:
    Where can you buy underwire bikini tops?
    I'm big-chested but otherwise slim and I'm conclusion it difficult to find cup-sized, underwire bikini tops. I need to have the underwire kind for...
    Mommy@! says:
    You don't have to have an underwire if you are big chested. I am a DD so I have a toilsome time buying suits that cover all of that area. You could get a suit with halter staps. It would give you more than enough support. They are right about VS, but they are mostly online only....
  3. Lily Kate Lily Kate says:
    Opinions on underwire bikini tops?
    I have heard some people say that they don't like them because they look like bras and are more risque or incongruous. But I tried on this one...
    Christine says:
    This is the one I bought a one of days ago! It's so comfortable, and it has bigger cups so it doesn't show as much as the other underwire bikinis would.
  4. says:
    Where can I buy a V-wire bandeau bikini top?
    I'm looking for a V-wire bandeau bikini top (swarming color preferably) with underwire for added support, and i have no idea where to look.
    pakikuriada says: theres more too and they are soo cunning!

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Lisa Despondent fashion merges with the beauty of the ocean and brings glamour to the surf. Twenty five percent of the net profit for Lisa Crestfallen is donated towards helping protect the whales and dolphins. Lisa Blue swimwear...
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Handmade by Cynosure B.
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