Bad VIDEO: Stores Caught Restocking Used Underwear and Lingerie. Last SHOUT OUT VIDEO

http://consumerist. com/2010/03/video-stores-caught-restocking-used-underwear-lingerie.

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  1. Melissa Melissa says:
    do people in effect buy used panties?
    im not a vagary, but i saw some for sale on craigslist for like 50 dollars EACH. do they actually sell. if so, i do need some extra $$
    Justin says:
    People buy them all the stretch. I have bought plenty. I would buy from you if you are hot ;)
  2. funoutgoingmale4u funoutgoingmale4u says:
    i pine for to buy used panties?
    no i dont deterioration them i just collect them
    pink_sarah says:
    you wanna buy used panties ? correspondence me x
  3. Tonyyy Tonyyy says:
    About buying used panty?
    I don't have knowledge of why I am so curious about used panty, so I bought a pair online. I'm not intend to wear not jerk off on it, but may sniff. Is it a...
    Cotton says:
    incomparably normal, show me a guy that says that he hasn't smelled a pair of worn panties at least once in his life and I'll show you a liar....
  4. josh josh says:
    where can i buy used panties onlnie?
    Persona says:
    There's multiple places you can buy panties online, I'm unshakeable Victoria's secret sells them online, though if you want men's panties, eBay has a wide selection just make sure what you're buying is new and not used.

Verdict the little schoolgirl in me

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Used with her sanction; one of my friends likes to wear her spandex panties OUTSIDE of her shorts during her half marathons; they often have inspirational messages on them. I have some asinine friends!
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