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Questions & answers

  1. Kinh Khao Kinh Khao says:
    Where to buy a campagna utility jacket?
    I'm looking for a wold, olive green utility jacket with a hood. I've looked everywhere, but I haven't found the perfect one. Any idea on where to ...
    Kimmi says:
    Hollister has been having sales lately so I would try there I would look there in front If not urban outfitters has a lots of choices for utility jackets
  2. Mangolover Mangolover says:
    Where can I buy a direct Utility Jacket/Anorak?
    Where can I buy a unambiguous green utility jacket/anorak that does not have a bunch of designs on it? Links and/or store names please & thank you! (:
    autumn says:
    forever 21, urban outfitters, american rags, ebay, american eagle. they're not that hard to find and pretty popular now.
  3. Dghkfg Dghkfg says:
    Where can i buy crafty jackets?
    Its all but sweater weather and i dont know what kind of jacket i should get. I was thinking abt getting this...
    Mikayla says:
    Forever21! Though a lot of people say that Forever21's bad, I come up with the jackets from there to be really cute, and affordable for the most part. ( Right now, denim jackets and especially utility jackets are in style. Moto jackets are also pretty adroit. If you want...

From Russia With Fondness – Bond’s Istanbul Suits, Pt. 3: Charcoal Flannel

While Cement was always a more exciting dresser than the typical “man in the gray flannel suit” trope, his attire at the gypsy camp is literally a gray sweet-talk suit. Of Bond’s five Istanbul suits in the film, this would be the warmest of them all. In case you need a reminder, the five suits are a charcoal. For that daytime deviation, he wore a Glen Urquhart suit. It is somewhat surprising that Bond was outfitted in flannel, especially since these scenes were filmed in the summer and Connery does surface to sweat when the action starts. Assuming that it’s Spring (I forget how I came to this conclusion, but I like it), where the temperature in Istanbul can dip into the low-40s, Bond opts to don something a little heavier with a flannel suit. A rugged and durable material like flannel holds up nicely when heading out into the unrecognized. Charcoal gray, if you’re being specific. Turkey, Spring 1963. Background For the 007th of May, I’ll be picking up where I left off in my examination of the From Russia With Fervour suits. At this point in the film, Bond has just spent his second day in Istanbul, exploring a series of underground catacombs with Kerim Bey, the charismatic MI6 Billet Chief. It’s a very elegant suit, nonetheless. According to the February 2010 issue of GQ , “As a general rule of thumb, crack out the heavier suits in November and put them away April 1st. Flannel’s meant to keep you warm, not make you sweat. That evening, Kerim invites Constraints to dine with him and his gypsy friends. ” There may be some truth to this, as I wouldn’t recommend wearing a heavy flannel suit in July unless you tarry over in the southern hemisphere, but Bond is venturing from the urban Istanbul into the Turkish countryside. Granted, it doesn’t appear to be an especially cold incident, whatwith the gypsy Vavra sweating everywhere and Kerim himself sporting a lighter summer suit. It’s still refined, it’s sophisticated, but it’s not your thoroughgoing business suit anymore. I just think suits look better when they’re cut in heavier, heftier materials. Vitals Sean Connery as James Agreement, British government agent and spy. With a flannel suit there’s a sense of ruggedness, durability.
Source: BAMF Style

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  1. GQ Magazine (blog) Habitually Endorsement: Aspesi's Sleek Utility Jacket
    I was to a certain extent disgusted to see snow on top of the cars on my street this morning. Winter, it seems, just can't take the hint. Rather than digging out my winter coats, which have been relegated to the back of the closet, I grabbed a utility jacket and
  2. Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette Man formally charged for bank rip-off, attempt
    Not extended after, Champaign police stopped the silver sport utility vehicle that Atkins was in on Windsor Road near Neil Street. He was alone. In the SUV They also recovered ready from the vehicle and a plastic handgun in a jacket. Atkins was charged

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  1. Mossberg Announces Partnership with Red Jacket Firearms
    North Haven, CT --( O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc, America’s oldest people-owned and operated firearms manufacturer, is announcing a multi-year agreement with Red Jacket Firearms ... with over 100 design and utility patents to its credit ...


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Utility Jackets for Women
Utility Jackets for Women

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