Velda Lauder Nuptial Overbust Corset Study

My blog assign: http://lucycorsetry. com/2013/09/13/velda-lauder-bridal-overbust-corset-study/ Timeline (clickable links): 1:20 Shape/fit 3:3.

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  1. soccer fanatic soccer fanatic says:
    How to make as if a Wedding dress for a play?
    I extremity to make a dress for this play i have. i can't buy one cuz it costs WAYY to much and i can't go to a thrift store or goodwill to look for one...
    ShabbyChic says:
    To brand a simple wedding dress I would suggest making a panelled corset bodice (separate) and then making an A-Line cut floor length skirt. Measure the length from the person who will be wearing it's belly button to just below the ankle, and that will be the extent of the...
  2. Nicole Lynn Nicole Lynn says:
    Buying wedding dresses online?
    I was looking at a few dresses on and I was wondering if anyone had any exposure with them. I have read a few reviews...
    nova_queen_28 says:
    I bought from gianinarbridal on eBay and had a honest experience. Their quality was better than a very popular chain here in the US that had a dress I liked. The US Chain had a white dress with colored lace that you could tell was cut out and sewn onto the put on fancy dress. MY dress -...
  3. AJ AJ says:
    Buying a wedding arrange?
    Should I grip the corset or the the bra before trying on dresses or after I have picked one out?
    nova_queen_28 says:
    Its renowned to buy one for the purposes of trying on dresses, but you don't want to spend a ton of money because once you choose a dress you may find that a different bra works better for that specific dress. I did carry a decent strapless bra with me when I tried on wedding...

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  1. North Texas strife makes high-fashion wedding dress out of … toilet paper
    Mills, of Hurst, was one of 10 finalists and nearly 1,500 entrants in a native contest put on by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin. Per the rules, Mills' Mills laced the back up like a corset with powder blue medical stripe she found at Walmart. (No
  2. The Stir Allison Williams' Wedding Tell off Look Isn't One We Should Copy (PHOTO)
    The 26-year-old is currently wrapped up to Ricky Van Veen and actually just might be planning her wedding as we speak. But having weddings on the Second, that corset top with its wide-straps give this dress a pretty, vintage request. And third, Allison
  3. Huffington Post Why I'm Planning A Non-Accustomed Wedding -- And Why You Should Consider ...
    Every interval my mom and I went dress shopping it was a struggle because the consultants had me try on numerous white dresses to try and get me to change my mind. Or they would say things like, "Use a purple ribbon to thrash up the corset and then you'll
  4. Scoggins - Bowman Wedding
    The back of her gown was complemented with a corset closure. The fit and flare flowed into a chapel-for ages c in depth train. She carried a hand-tied bouquet of pink roses with accents of pale pink and ivory. Clara Simpkins of Rome was intact of honor. Bridesmaids
  5. MILESTONE: Separated by war, inseparable since
    Joan and Don Loeffler will raise their 70th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. They married at 17, and he She'd see her young husband and try to get to him, but he faded out of sight. He wears a corset-type garment to keep caboodle in place



  1. Today I had the delight of attending the NW Vintage Wedding Fair at the Fremont Abbey. I was posted up at the spectacular booth space that was Vintage Ambiance and Blush Celebrations. From dresses and accessories to coordinating and rental services, the choice and 0ff-beat vibe was delectable. The ...
  2. A wedding is a liturgical day for you and your partner. You want your wedding day to be memorable and run as smoothly as possible. Efficient planning is key when you want to have the best memories of your wedding day into your golden years. One of the biggest mistakes people shape is not practicing the b ...
  3. All a wedding actually requires is a bride, the groom, a minister, and love. All of the other things, while they can add to the experience of the overall day, are added stresses and distractions. Regardless of how simple or extravagant your wedding, remember to enjoy it. When you representation your wedding, be ...
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