DIY: Destroying Jeans (Keeping the White Threads) & Studding Jeans

This DIY is showing you how I cut holes in my jeans so that the white threads are still showing. I also show you how to stud jeans.

Questions & answers

  1. says:
    I am a 13 year old boy. were can i buy the white jacket and pants whith purple hood bieber action really want it?
    I put this quistion in this slice cause I thought I would get a answer her. Am bisexual also so that is another reason but I am looking for the...
    Ella says:
    Fit the white suit he wears doesn't have a purple hood on it, he is wearing a purple hoodie underneath. I'm not sure where you could buy the white suit, but you can buy purple hoodies pretty much anywhere.
  2. 1Son2005 1Son2005 says:
    Where can I buy toddler boy white pants?
    I have searched online at,,, and and I can't find toddler white pants. I am...
    princess269 says:
    try carter's or osh kosh they should have what your looking for. :)
  3. Justin Justin says:
    Where can I buy white pants?
    Later this year, I am playing Daniel in At a stroke on this Island Jr. at my school. We're doing it for three days and my costume has to be all white. I...
    Dizz49 says:
    Go to... Urban planet american eagle american threads stitches ralph lauren Trust me 100%! thats where i usually see them , and same as my sister. =)

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