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  1. Mary Posa Mary Posa says:
    Demand fashion help! What type of top to wear with these pants to hide muffin top?
    I am wealthy to a party next weekend. I have to dress nice (no jeans).... I already have the pants that I am going to wear. They are, I guess,...
    Saftey pin says:
    Tuxedo pants are superior if you want extenuate your legs, and perfect for a party. Good choice! Since tuxedo pants have a lot of detail, it's best to keep the top simple. Here are some tips, that would look cool, and hide a muffin top! Evade wearing something tight, or...
  2. Gargar Gargar says:
    Looking for a destined type of formal wear, need help?
    I extremity to go to a wedding and I have an image in mind of what I want. I'm a female, and I'm looking for black pants and a white button down tucked...
    Fire says:
    It depends on how much well off you are willing to spend, whether or not you are gonna rent or buy your attire. For a rent/buy you can have a look at your local Tuxedo or Bridal shops. It is not uncommon for ladies to wear tux black pants/bloodless shirt for a wedding. Just ask them...
  3. ♔ Ashie Cat ♔ Ashie Cat says:
    Eep! Bandage code.): Suggestions? :D Or where to shop for collared shirt?
    Okay! So! This year we have to clothed in plain colored collar shirts, plain blue-jeans or khaki pants, skirts have to be black or blue-jean and fall...
    fallingriot says:
    Try looking here. There are multiple options, but they come in womens sizes just to let you comprehend. Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have really good collared shirts because their's usually have a flare, like ruffle or something to make it look cuter. If I had a frock code like...

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  1. Evening Standard Dressing up with Samuel L Jackson
    I had vests with fringes, bell-truly pants and a big afro with headbands and little glasses. I'm no good at buying women's clothes. I buy sweaters, hats and During awards ready everyone wears a black tux and looks like a penguin. For the Tonys I
  2. W Magazine Parties » Out of the Striking
    During a cocktail hour and change-over, the Oak Room was filled with men in ankle-baring tuxedo pants who mixed with the VIPs including Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox and downtown nightlife apparatus LadyFag, dressed like a Sicilian widow. The young
  3. Womens Pants Trends 2014: The Surpass Bottoms To Rock This Year
    The Tuxedo Cut-offs. Wide leg tuxedo pants provide double the elongating power. get these ones at <a href="" goal="_blank">My Theresa</a>. $360 USD 
  4. Inspirational to the jazz beat
    The pieces group a reinvented tuxedo, sleeveless vests, oversized silk pants for some women and soft silk-fringed scarves to bring some softness. “I don't study myself a costume Prices range from $74.95 to $199.95.
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    More than a year has passed since Lululemon recalled 17 per cent of its women's athletic pants, so Lululemon's initial quarter rests against the backdrop of a very weak year-ago period. This opens the possibility for better-than-expected sales and a



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